Kidney Stone Surgery in Delhi

Kidney Stone Surgery in Delhi

Dr. Niren Rao offers various comprehensive services to treat kidney stones. He has valuable experience in this field and has great repute for his ethical as well as clinical approach. Delhi Urology Hospital, established by Dr. Niren Rao, is one of the leading centres for kidney stone treatment in Delhi.

How much does kidney stone surgery cost in Delhi?

The Kidney stone surgery cost in Delhi on an average ranges from Rs. 35,000 - Rs. 60,000.


Why choose Delhi Urology Hospital for Kidney Stone Surgery in Delhi?

  • We provide supreme level care for our patients with the best clinical solutions.
  • Economical treatment for kidney stone or kidney stone surgery in Delhi.
  • All kidney stone surgeries like PCNL, mini PCNL, RIRS are routinely performed at our hospital using lasers by Dr. Niren Rao, the best doctor for kidney stone in Delhi.
  • We have a team of skilled staff, assure comprehensive care and assure successful recovery to the patients.
  • The average kidney stone surgery cost in Delhi is approximately Rs. 35,000-60,000.

Dr. Niren Rao  provides the best kidney stone surgery in Delhi, having performed more than 7000 kidney stone surgeries successfully. One can consult him for kidney stone related issues to find quick relief or to know the exact kidney stone treatment cost.

PCNL Surgery in Delhi
RIRS Surgery in Delhi
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