Circumcision Surgery in Delhi

Circumcision Surgery in Delhi

Dr. Niren Rao is an expert urologist with more than a decade of experience in penile routine and reconstructive surgeries.

Why choose Delhi Urology Hospital for Circumcision Surgery?

  • Highly experienced & AIIMS trained urologist.
  • We serve all of our patients with the utmost care and concern, while protecting their privacy, safety, and comfort.
  • The cost of Circumcision Surgery in Delhi ranges between Rs. 15,000-30,000.
  • We put in a lot of effort to give a cosmetically pleasing result to our patients.

It is a short duration surgery which can be done under local anaesthesia and the patient is discharged on the same day. To know more about Circumcision Surgery in Delhi, consult Dr. Niren Rao at Delhi Urology Hospital.


Circumcision Surgery Cost in Delhi at Delhi Urology Hospital ranges between Rs. 15,000-30,000*.

How much does circumcision surgery cost in Delhi?

At Delhi Urology hospital, Circumcision Surgery Cost in Delhi starts at Rs. 15,000 and the cost of stapled circumcision starts at Rs. 30,000*..

Who are the candidates for circumcision?

Circumcision surgery in Delhi performed at our hospital is needed for a wide variety of reasons including medical condition, religious beliefs as well as for elective reasons. Some of the medical/surgical reasons for circumcision are:

  • Phimosis: Tight foreskin also called Phimosis, In this condition the foreskin is very tight and it is not possible to retract it. This can lead to recurrent infection.
  • Recurrent balanoposthitis: In this condition there is recurrent infection of the foreskin and penile head or the glans. This is especially very common in diabetes.
  • Paraphimosis: This happens when the tight skin gets retracted and gets swollen and becomes painful. It becomes an emergency, as a delay can lead to necrosis foreskin and glans penis.
  • Sometimes foreskin is normal in a flaccid penis but becomes very tight during an erection leading to pain during intercourse. In these cases also circumcision is helpful.
Circumcision Surgery
What are the preparations to undergo circumcision?
  • Pre-operative CBC tests are done to assess the fitness for surgery.
  • In case of infection, a short course of antibiotics is given preoperatively to reduce/treat infection.
  • In case of diabetic people an adequate sugar control is ensured before proceeding for surgery.
  • In old patient who are on blood thinning medicine they should stop the medicine 5-6 days prior to surgery after consulting their treating physician.
How is circumcision done?

There are two methods to do circumcision.

  • Traditional method

Under proper anaesthesia and antibiotics coverage the foreskin is freed from glans and taking an adequate margin the foreskin is cut and sutured with absorbable sutures.

  • Stapled circumcision

This uses a special stapling device to perform circumcision. In this, instead of sutures the skin is stapled using small metallic staples.

Circumcision in Delhi is done under three kinds of anaesthesia:

  • Local anaesthesia by giving injections at the base of penis to numb the organ.
  • Spinal anaesthesia by giving a small injection to numb the lower body for few hours.
  • General anaesthesia usually reserved for small children or very apprehensive adults.
What to expect post-surgery?
  • Post circumcision you will have a small dressing around your penis. This can easily be removed by the patient himself 24 hours post-surgery.
  • There is no problem in passing urine post-surgery, though some patients may experience splaying/splitting of urinary stream for a few days post-surgery.
  • Post-operative pain is very mild to negligible.
  • Patients are advised to take an antibiotics for 5-7 days post-surgery.
  • One should take a bath daily and clean the wounds after removal of dressing to prevent infection.
What is the recovery time after the circumcision?

The best circumcision surgery in Delhi performed at Delhi Urology Hospital is a day care procedure i.e. patients are discharged from the hospital on the same day of surgery. One can resume all their normal routine activity from the very next day post removal of dressing however they are advised to refrain from heavy physical activity and exercises for at least a week post-surgery. Visit Delhi Urology Hospital to know the exact foreskin removal surgery cost.

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